BibLaTeX & biber workflow example

Here a simple example to illustrate the workflow with biblatex and biber (on TeX Live 2012). It also prints a second bibliography just for the books (one in this case)

literaturvz.bib contains:

author = {Nabuurs, S.B. and Spronk, C.A.E.M.},
title = {Biomolecular Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy Allows for Major Errors},
year ={2006},
volume = {2},
journal = {PLoS Comput. Biology}}

author = {Exner, T. E. and Mezey, P. G.},
title = {The Field-Adapted ADMA Approach: Introducing Point Charges},
year ={2004},
volume ={108},
journal = {J. Phys. Chem. A}}

author = {Exner, T. E. and Mezey, P. G.},
title = {Ab Initio Quality Properties for Macromolecules Using the ADMA Approach},
year ={2003},
volume ={24},
journal = {J. Comp. Chem.}}

author = {Barua, B. and Lin, J.C. and Williams, V.D.},
title = {The Trp-cage: optimizing the stability of a globular miniprotein},
year ={2008},
volume = {21},
journal = {Protein Engineering, Design \& Selection}}

author = {F. Weinhold and C.R. Landis},
title = {Natural Bond Orbitals and Extensions of Localized Bonding Concept},
year ={2001},
journal = {Chemistry in Europe: Research and Practice in Europe},
volume = {2},
number = {2},
pages = {91-104}}

author = {F. Weinhold},
title ={NBO 5.0 Program Manual; Natural Bond Orbital Analysis Programs}}

type = book,
author = {some author},
year = {2012},
title ={Some arbitrary book title},
publisher = {Some publisher}

author = {Th. Stra{\ss}ner},
year = {2007},
howpublished = {}}

author = {{\AE}. Frisch and M.J. Frisch and G.W. Trucks},
title = {\textit{Gaussian 03}, User`s Reference},
year = {2003}}

author = {M.J. Frisch and G.W. Trucks and H.B. Schlegel and G.E. Scuseria and M.A. Robb and J.R. Cheeseman and J.A. Montgomery Jr. and T. Vreven and K.N. Kudin and J.C. Burant and J.M. Millam and S.S. Iyengar and J. Tomasi and V. Barone and B. Mennucci and M. Cossi and G. Scalmani and N. Rega and G.A. Petersson and H. Nakatsuji and M. Hada and M. Ehara and K. Toyota and R. Fukuda and J. Hasegawa and M. Ishida and T. Nakajima and Y. Honda and O. Kitao and H. Nakai and M. Klene and X. Li and J.E. Knox and H.P. Hratchian and J.B. Cross and C. Adamo and J. Jaramillo and R. Gomperts and R.E. Stratmann and O. Yazyev and A.J. Austin and R. Cammi and C. Pomelli and J.W. Ochterski and P.Y. Ayala and K. Morokuma and G.A. Voth and P. Salvador and J.J. Dannenberg and V.G. Zakrzewski and S. Dapprich and A.D. Daniels and M.C. Strain and O. Farkas and D.K. Malick and A.D. Rabuck and K. Raghavachari and J.B. Foresman and J.V. Ortiz and Q. Cui and A.G. Baboul and S. Clifford and J. Cioslowski and B.B. Stefanov and G. Liu and A. Liashenko and P. Piskorz and I. Komaromi and R.L. Martin and D.J. Fox and T. Keith and M.A. Al-Laham and C.Y. Peng and A. Nanayakkara and M. Challacombe and P.M.W. Gill and B. Johnson and W. Chen and M.W. Wong and C. Gonzalez and J.A. Pople},
title ={Gaussian 03, Revison C.02},
year = {Gaussian, Inc., Wallingford CT, USA, 2004}}

The TeX document (filename is biblatex-test-biber.tex) contains:











\smartcite[12, smart]{weinhold}









\printbibliography[title={Book references},type=book]


To create the final PDF run:

  1. pdflatex biblatex-test-biber
  2. biber biblatex-test-biber
  3. pdflatex biblatex-test-biber


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