Autocompiling LaTeX-files under Linux

To automatically compile files under Linux there are several options available: Gummi ( is an editor that compiles the LaTeX file whenever it is modified; latexmk ( is another option.

A third option uses Linux‘ inotify, part of the Linux kernel. It tracks changes to files or directories on the filesystem level. For more information see the wikipedia entry:

Here’s a short tutorial how to get it to work under Ubuntu/Debian:

  1. Install inotify-tools using sudo apt-get install inotify-tools
  2. Run the following line from the terminal to tell inotify to watch for any changes of the TeX-file (change the name if necessary). I use a simple pdflatex here, make or arara are of course fine as well.
while true; do inotifywait -e modify autocomp1.tex && pdflatex autocomp1.tex; done

Unfortunately it does not work with TeXworks‘ built-in document viewer, it does not recognize that the PDF has been modified externally.


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