SQL: Splitting a Bitmask into separate columns

Today I needed to split an integer (representing a bitmask) into its components, each component in a separate column. The following code from http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1101943-392-1.aspx did the trick.

   SIGN(N & 1) AS Bit1,
   SIGN(N & 2) AS Bit2,
   SIGN(N & 4) AS Bit3,
   SIGN(N & 8) AS Bit4,
   SIGN(N & 16) AS Bit5,
   SIGN(N & 32) AS Bit6,
   SIGN(N & 64) AS Bit7,
   SIGN(N & 128) AS Bit8
   SELECT 511
) TestData(N)


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