Configuring the Samba server on the Bananapi

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Configuring the samba server and having it use the attached 2,5″ HDD was actually pretty easy.

Step 1: Mounting the harddisk

From I learnt how to add the attached harddisk to the fstab. blkid gave me the UUID of the disk (which I had previously partioned and formated with gparted), so I just had to a) create a directory /media/storage, b) set the access rights with chmod 777 /media/storage and add the following line to the fstab:

UUID=b06c9eb6-7cc3-429b-9176-44896e712319 /media/storage ext4 auto,defaults 0 2

Step 2: Installing samba

sudo apt-get install samba installed samba, but not smbpasswd. A quick sudo apt-get install samba-common-bin fixed this.

After I had created a „bananapi“ user on the machine I added this account to the list of samba users with the command smbpasswd -a bananapi. I then took the sample configuration for the /etc/samba/smb.conf from and rebooted the machine.

From my Windows machine I can connect now to \\bananapiip\public and use it as a samba server. When copying a 1 GB iso image to the \public share I got an avaerage of 35 MB per second.

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