Example for pandas Merge

Here’s an example for the merge capabilities of pandas, which allow the user to work with DataFrames just like in SQL.

import pandas as pd
dfA = pd.DataFrame({'A': ['A0','A1','A2','A3'], 'Key': ['K0','K1','K2','K4']})
dfB = pd.DataFrame({'B': ['B0','B1','B2','B3'], 'Key': ['K0','K1','K2','K5']})
dfInner = dfA.merge(dfB,how='inner',left_on='Key',right_on='Key')
print('Inner:\n', dfInner, '\n')
dfLeft = dfA.merge(dfB,how='left',left_on='Key',right_on='Key')
print('Left:\n', dfLeft, '\n')
dfRight = dfA.merge(dfB,how='right',left_on='Key',right_on='Key')
print('Right:\n', dfRight, '\n')
dfOuter = dfA.merge(dfB,how='outer',left_on='Key',right_on='Key')
print('Outer:\n', dfOuter, '\n')


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