Rolling dice with Python / Würfeln mit Python II

Based on I created another example, this time the algorithm returns a list of the rolled values.

# for the random selection
from random import choice
# to create the sorted dictionary
import collections
def throwDiceList(*args):
	if not args: 
		L = []	
		L = args[0]
	x = choice(range(1,7))
	if x == 6:
		return throwDiceList(L)	
		return L
# little test function
def TestDiceList(n):
	# create a dictionary
	d = {}
	for x in range(0, n):
		wurf = sum(throwDiceList())	
 		# if key is found, just increase its frequency by 1 
		if wurf in d:
			# else create new key with initiL frequency 1 
	od = collections.OrderedDict(sorted(d.items()))
	for k, v in od.iteritems(): 
		print k, v


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