TikZ Diagramm

Hier ein kleiner Schnipsel TikZ, den ich für die Beantwortung einer LaTeX-Frage geschrieben habe.

\node at (0,0) (a1)  {\half};
\node at (1,0)  (a2) {\half};
\node at (2,0) (a3) {\half};
\node at (3,0) (a4) {\half};
\node at (0,-1) (b1)  {\half};
\node at (1,-1) (b2){\full};
\node at (2,-1) (b3)  {\half};
\node at (3,-1) (b4) {\full};
\draw (a1) -- (b1);
\draw (a2) -- (b2);
\draw (a3) -- (b4);
\draw (a4) -- (b3);


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