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Playing with Amazon Glacier

For a while now I have been using Amazon’s S3 to store really important data such as photos. Even my Synology NAS can theoretically upload stuff directly to S3. (Practically this doesn’nt work cause it’s buggy, at least it was when I checked it the last time). The new Amazon Glacier is however pretty exiting for me as it allows me to store my data for just a cent per Gigabyte. Well, if you have a few hundred Gigabyte of digital photos cost is quite an important factor.

Today I finally got a chance to play with the SDK, the software development kit. There are versions for Java and .Net, I used the .Net in my first try.

How to get started:

  1. Install Visual Studio C# Express
  2. Install the Amazon AWS SDK for .Net
  3. Get both keys, the access key and the secret access key from the AWS console.
  4. Create a new AWS console project: you will be asked to enter the credentials and should run the example project to see if it works.
  5. Get the example code from, enter a valid path as archive to be uploaded and run the example.
  6. After a short time you will be presented with the archive id
  7. What is this good for? No clue, yet. I just ran the first sample

What is my goal? I’d like to write a small programm that allows me to upload my photos to Glacier. The upload probably takes weeks but better later than never. If you are interested in the progress, follow my articles in the corresponding category. It would be great if you drop me a few lines…


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