Checking TeX files for cite-errors

Today I had to TeX a longer file with numerous \cite[somestuff]{citekey} sequences, of which some had hard-to-spot errors (some ‚]‘ were missing). The following Python script checks if each \cite command has matching '[]' and '{}' sequences. I’ll probably extend this script to accept simple \cite{citekey} sequences that have no optional parameter.

import re
with open('filetocheck.tex') as f:
	content = f.readlines()
index = 0
for a in content:
	index = index + 1
	if "cite"  in a: # check only lines that contain 'cite'
		matches ='(.*)\[(.*)\]\{(.*)\}',a) # search for <sometext>[<sometext>]{<sometext>}
		if not matches:
			print (">>> Fail in row" , str(index), a)


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