Parsing Emacs Orgmode files with Python

Here’s some experimental (alpha) code to parse Emacs Orgmode files. It’s far from complete, I only aim at parsing basic TODO strings with level (**), status (TODO, DONE), priority (#A, #B, #C), task and tags.

2016-09-03: It takes my actual orgmode file, so it’s working fine.

2016-09-04: I created a github repo, code updates will be added there, only:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
def parseEmaceOrgmode(s):
    r = '^([\*]+)?\s?(TODO|PROGRESSING|FEEDBACK|VERIFY|POSTPONED|DELEGATED|CANCELLED|DONE)?\s?(\[#[A|B|C]\])?\s?(.*?)\s*(:(.*):)?$'    
    m =,s)
    level =
    if (level is not None):
        level = len(level)
    prio =
    if (prio is not None):
        prio = prio[2:3]
    tags = []
    a =
    if a != None:
        b = len(a)-1
        a= a[1:b]
        a = a.split(':')
    return(level,, prio,, tags)
with open("../", "r") as ins:
    for line in ins:
        level, status, priority, task, tags = parseEmaceOrgmode(line)
        if level is not None:        
            print('Level:', level)
            print('Status:', status)
            print('Priority:', priority)
            print('Task:', task)


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