Trello-Boards exportieren mit py-trello

Hier etwas Beispiel-Code, um Trello-Boards zu exportieren. Unten im Code nur nach stdout, Code für LaTeX und HTML/MD werde ich im Github Repository ergänzen.

from trello import TrelloClient # pip install py-trello
client = TrelloClient(
def list_all_boards(client):
        get list of all boards to determine the ID
        for further functions
    all_boards = client.list_boards()
    for counter, board in enumerate(all_boards):
## uncomment if needed
# list_all_boards(client)
def print_cards_from_board(board_id, client):
        Access board with ID board_id in the client instance
        and print all non-archived lists with their non-archived cards 
    all_boards = client.list_boards()
    my_board = all_boards[board_id] # 15 = my someday projects
    all_lists_on_board = my_board.list_lists()
    for list in all_lists_on_board:
        if not list.closed:
            for card in list.list_cards():
                if not card.closed:
                    print(, ':' ,
print_cards_from_board(15, client)


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