CSV-Dateien effizient vergleichen mit pandas

Hier ein bisschen Python-Code, um zwei CSV Dateien miteinander zu vergleichen. Die Ergebnisse des spalten- und zeilenweisen Vergleichs werden dann zusammengefasst dargestellt, um schnell einen Überblick zu bekommen, wo eine tiefergehende Analyse notwendig ist.

import sys
import collections
import pandas as pd
from tabulate import tabulate
file1 = pd.read_csv('file1.csv', sep=';', encoding='UTF-8')
file2 = pd.read_csv('file2.csv', sep=';', encoding='UTF-8')
columnnames1 = list(file1)
columnnames2 = list(file2)
if collections.Counter(columnnames1) == collections.Counter(columnnames2):
    print ("Number of columns and Names match, Comparison possible...\n\n")
    print ("Number of columns and Names are not matching!!! Please check the input!")
# add suffixes to distinguish between actual and expected in the merger
file1 = file1.add_suffix('_e') # expected
file2 = file2.add_suffix('_t') # t
# merge them using the given key, use outer join
comparison = pd.merge(file1,file2, how='outer',
# create the columnwise comparison
for col in columnnames1:
    comparison[(col + '_c')] = comparison[(col + '_t')] == comparison[(col + '_e')]
# reorder the columns
print(tabulate(comparison, tablefmt="pipe", headers="keys"))
# save the result as Excel file
# names of the comparison column
check_colnames= [s + '_c' for s in columnnames1]
# initialize an empty dataframe for the log
for column in check_colnames:
    t=comparison[column].value_counts() # returns a series
    tt=pd.DataFrame(t) # makes a DF out of the series
    logdf = logdf.join(tt,how='outer') # join the two dfs
# transpose for better readability
logdf = logdf.transpose()
# Ensure fixed sequence of the columns
# write to disk
# for better viewing on the screen
pd.options.display.float_format = '{:,.0f}'.format
print(tabulate(logdf, tablefmt="pipe", headers="keys"))


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