PDFs anonymisieren mit dem pdfprivacy Paket

pdflatex packt einiges an Meta-Daten in eine PDF-Datei:

Mit dem pdfprivacy (http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/pdfprivacy) Paket von Laurens Sion lassen sich diese Informationen unterdrücken.

Aus der Dokumentation:

„Creating pdfs with pdfLATEX populates several pdf meta-data fields such as date/time of creation/modification, information about the latex instal-
lation (e.g., pdfTEX version), and the relative paths of included pdfs. The pdfprivacy package provides support for emptying several of these pdf meta-
data fields as well as suppressing some pdfTEX meta-data entries in the resulting pdf.“

Die Optionen stehen dabei für:

Specify whether document meta-data should be removed from the PDF. Document meta-data includes: (i) Title, (ii) Subject, (iii) Author, and (iv) Keywords.
Specify whether meta-data on the PDF-producing application should be removed. This includes: (i) Creator, and (ii) Producer.
Specify whether meta-data on the edit and creation dates should be removed. This includes: (i) creation date, and (ii) modification date.
Specify whether the PTEX meta-data entries should be suppressed. This includes: (i) PTEX.Fullbanner, (ii) PTEX.FileName, (iii) PTEX.PageNumber, and (iv) PTEX.InfoDict.
Specify whether the pdfrailerid should be omitted.

Diese letzte Option zur pdftrailerid sagt mir nichts, die anderen Optionen sind sicherlich selbsterklärend. Hier ein Beispiel:

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